Thursday, 15 October 2015

What to bring

Lonsdale Grove is a fully equipped luxury boutique boarding and grooming facility for dogs 30 lbs and under, and all cats.  We have everything needed to make our guests comfortable and happy during their stay! 

Guests can dine on our a la carte premium quality kibble—we use brands such as Blue Buffalo, Fromm and Acana, and selection varies from time to time—or bring their usual food in a non-breakable container to minimize stomach upset.  We also provide premium quality treats, and/or homemade dog and cat treats for our guests.  You are welcome to bring treats as well if you prefer that the guest have a particular kind. 

We recommend bringing a favourite furry or hard plastic toy and a favourite machine washable blanket with the familiar smells of home to help each guest feel comfortable and relax during their stay.  Guests can bring along a favourite DVD for movie time if desired.  We recommend bringing cats in a hard-walled cat carrier, and this is the best way to transport small dogs as well.  We suggest bringing your pet’s usual collar or harness, and leash.  Each suite is equipped with a storage cupboard for our guest’s small personal effects such as leashes, extra toys, food and treats. 

Please bring along up-to-date vaccination records and contact information for your regular veterinarian, or this information can be scanned and e-mailed to us in advance at to speed check-in.  If you do not have the documentation, a duplicate copy can be obtained from your veterinarian or sent to us at the above e-mail address directly from their office. 

Also provide a sufficient quantity of any medications the guest requires for the duration of the stay and the veterinarian’s dosing and administration instructions.  Medication will be stored in a secure location either refrigerated or at room temperature as required. 

What to leave at home

Please do not bring water or food bowls, or any item you do not wish to risk being chewed or damaged during the stay.  Animal bones, raw hide or any item that can be a choking hazard will not be provided to our guests for safety reasons.

Our guests enjoy indoor private suite time with raised beds, heated tile floors and air conditioning as needed, and dogs enjoy outdoor private patio time for leisure and sun.  Each guest receives personal one-on-one attention and affection, group play (for dogs, if desired) in our exercise yard, movie time with their own personal in suite television (shared tv for cat condos), and comforting soft music throughout the daytime hours.  Individual walks on our lovely grounds can be arranged. 

We are certain our guests will enjoy their stay, and you can enjoy your time away knowing that they are safe and secure, and having fun! 

Online booking available at, or 519- 648-3311.  Check out more photos and customer reviews on our Facebook page. 

See you soon in the Grove!



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