Tuesday, 8 December 2015

Holiday Safety TIPS for pets.

Holiday safety tips

The holidays are a wonderful time of year to enjoy good food, drink and the company of friends and family.  They can also be a stressful and dangerous time for our furry friends if we don't take a few safety precautions.  We hope you will use our suggestions below to keep your beloved pet happy, healthy and safe this holiday season. 

Oh Christmas tree, Oh Christmas tree, what a dangerous place to be!

Christmas trees are a beautiful and festive symbol of the holiday season for many families.  But they can also pose many dangers for our furry friends.  A Christmas tree looks like a giant toy/jungle gym/snack to our four legged friends.  Many a tree, real or artificial, has been knocked down by a morning stampede of dogs at play, while others have been toppled by our feline friends taking it upon themselves to check out the view and make sure there are no birds sitting in the high branches.  Anchor the tree to a wall or the ceiling to prevent a toppling hazard. 

Strands of lights and tinsel look lovely, but don't make the purrfect after dinner snack for our feline friends.  But cats will assuredly give them a try anyway.  Burns and electrocution from the lights are a common holiday mishap for both our canine and feline family members.  Tinsel and other stringy or sharp objects could result in bowel blockage or perforation and will require immediate veterinary care and often surgery.  Glass and other sharp ornaments hold dangers too, especially when they are placed tauntingly low on branches for pets to bite or paw at. 
And that refreshing drink under the tree that your pet may stop for, well that’s a danger too.  Stagnant tree water can contain tummy upsetting bacteria and tree sap.  Preservatives or aspirin that people put into tree water to keep that tree fresh pose an even greater risk to the health of thirsty dogs and cats. 

We recommend keeping a Christmas tree in a room where doors can be closed to keep furry friends safe, or surrounding the tree with a small dog exercise pen available at most pet stores.  Always keep breakable glass ornaments firmly affixed to upper branches out of reach of furry paws, and keep lights turned off and cords out of reach when you are out of the room. 

Deck the halls with boughs of non-toxic artificial holly


Many holiday plants are dangerous or toxic to dogs and cats. 
Holly, Mistletoe and Lilies  top the list of dangerous toxic plants for cats and dogs that can cause gastrointestinal upset at best, and potentially worse, and require an immediate trip for medical attention. 

Despite its reputation, the hybrid versions of the Poinsettia
common today are not nearly as harmful as holly or mistletoe,
though like most plants their leaves or sap can cause stomach
upset.  Cloth and plastic decorations can be far safer, though many are toxic as well, and pose choking hazards or bowel obstruction if ingested.  So place decorations high and secure to keep your pets safe.  Ribbons and other decorations can be as dangerous as tinsel and cats and dogs strangely find them very tasty so watch wrapped gifts and other decorations, too. 

Keep in mind that holiday foods can pose a danger.  It is well-known that chocolate and candies with xylitol are toxic to our pets, but many other people foods can be harmful as well.  Rich, fatty foods can cause inflammation that could require a veterinary stay.  Nuts can pose a choking hazard, and grapes, rasins and Macadamia nuts all contain unknown toxins that pose serious health risks to your pet.  Alcohol and tobacco can be fatal.  And be sure to keep poultry bones, string, foil and wraps with remnants of meat juice, and other ‘tasty’ garbage well out of reach of pets. 

Your home roasting in an open fire

Candles with open flames are highly dangerous, particularly when placed on dry tree branches, but also anywhere in your home that a dog or cat can reach.  Animals can receive severe burns by playing with open flames, and can easily knock over a candle, quickly causing a major fire.  Never leave an open flame unattended, particularly around furry friends.  A much better choice is an LED candle, but pets can play with or chew these as well.  And while you are thinking about fire safety, how about checking the batteries in smoke and carbon monoxide detectors, and picking up a fire extinguisher to have on hand for your Christmas baking?  Monitored fire and home alarms are a great Christmas present that protects not only the home but your family too, including your furry friends who may be home alone when fire breaks out. 

Away in a Manger? Are you spending the holidays with family or friends?  Or are you having house guests with small children or pets?  Visiting with your pets in tow may seem like a great idea, but entering a home that is not pet-proof poses all sorts of dangers for your four-legged children; dangers that you won’t be aware of.  And even if you think your home is pet-proof, an animal newly introduced by visiting guests may get into something that your well-behaved dog or cat would never dream of eating or playing with.  So be extra cautious when your pet accompanies you or when guests pop by with their own pets. 

Large or noisy crowds of people can make life stressful for your pet.  And the unruly nephew that seemed to have gotten a double dose of the terrible twos since he is now twice as bad at age four?  Well your canine or feline friend will be none too happy when he is dragging them around by their tail or trying to ride them like a horse.  Be sure to have a safe and quiet room or place where your pet can retreat to avoid the madness.  Or better yet, let your pet have a safe and relaxing pampered holiday instead by booking a dog suite or cat condo at Lonsdale Grove!

Even if you are staying in town this season, the holidays are a time for visiting friends, day trips and work Christmas parties.  That means long days or evenings for your pets home alone.  Lonsdale Grove offers day boarding for when you need to spend most of your day away from home.  It is safer for everyone if you book a hotel room for after that work Christmas party so you can relax and enjoy a glass or two of cheer and not worry about driving home.  Book an overnight stay for your pet at Lonsdale Grove and you will feel more relaxed to enjoy the party without having to worry about the drive home or rushing back to let the dog out.

Visit our website and Facebook to see the latest photographs, or contact us to make an appointment to visit and see for yourself the Lonsdale Grove difference.  Happy Holidays!

Thursday, 3 December 2015

Health, Safety and Security at Lonsdale Grove

In this blog post and over the next few entries, we would like to take a closer look at health and safety as well as security here at Lonsdale Grove.  We will also make some suggestions along the way for helping to keep your cat or small dog safe and secure at home or when out and about. 

 There were two major, yet very simple principles we took to heart when developing the concept of Lonsdale Grove.  Number 1, to protect the health, safety and security of each of our guests, and 2, to provide an enjoyable stay where owners would feel comfortable leaving their furry family members, and those guests would be happy and relaxed with as little stress as possible.  Although the family pet is always going to be most happy at home, we wanted to create an environment where they would be happy to stay.  While we can cover principle number 2 in detail at a later time, we think it is pretty clear when you visit us how the design and features of our boutique pet hotel, as well as our services here at Lonsdale Grove lead to a comfortable and enjoyable stay.  Visit our website and Facebook to see the latest photographs, or contact us to make an appointment to visit and see for yourself the Lonsdale Grove difference!

For now, we would like to discuss the even more important aspects of health & safety, and security we provide to all guests during their stay.  There are many aspects to the safe, healthy and secure environment we provide that we can’t begin to address them adequately in a single blog post.  We will start here by discussing the all suite design of our hotel and how it contributes to a healthy and safe stay for your precious pet. 

Old style open trough drain allows for bio waste exposure.
We stated emphatically from the earliest design and engineering planning stages of Lonsdale Grove that there would not be an open trough drain, so common in boarding kennels, that no pet would sleep in a cage or on a cold cement floor, and that airborne and waterborne contamination such as viruses and bacteria would not be permitted to travel easily from one animal to the next. 

Lonsdale Grove sealed and trapped drains.
This led to an all-suite design, with proper walls that go from floor to ceiling in the indoor spaces, just like a room in your home, for all of our dog suites.  Neither air nor water will travel directly between our suites from one dog to the next.  Each suite has separate, enclosed floor drains so if there were any wastes or during cleaning, nothing from one suite could splash, flow, aerosolize, or track from one guest to the next.  Each suite features beautiful tiled and sealed floors. 

The design also has the added benefit of noise reduction for our guests.  Because our guests aren’t standing starring at their neighbours through chain link, barking is kept to a minimum, and any noise in one suite is deadened by walls and insulation so as to be less disruptive to each neighbour.  This results in a remarkably quieter and more relaxing stay for each guest, where they can focus on their own comfort and relaxation, rather than being stressed by noisy and disruptive neighbours.  Our extensive HVAC system, the focus of our next blog post, and our sound and entertainment system that both service each suite individually, also contribute to reduced disturbance from neighbours. 

Lonsdale Grove dog suite private patio.
Each dog suite also features an exterior patio space for sun and leisure on fair days.  The patios have walls on each side to protect from liquid and air contamination from neighbours, a roof to protect from the elements, and an open front end and gate to allow ample flow of fresh air and sunlight.  Each exterior patio also features an individual sealed drain with no cross-contamination from the neighbouring suites.  The floors slope to drain any liquids into the individual drain rather than through a community trough as is so common with ‘kennel’ buildings. 

Our cats can lounge in private condos in our quiet
Lonsdale Grove cat condos.
cat room, well removed from our dog space.  The cat room also features tiled floors, no open drains, solid walls and individual suites.  Cats can see the other guests of the room through solid glass windows in each condo, which also serves to allow ample light in.  Plenty of fresh, climate controlled air flows into the cat condos, and the entertainment system pipes in soft music or the sound track to the TV entertainment. 

During our next blog post we will discuss the HVAC and air exchange system that is at the heart of our health and safety efforts at Lonsdale Grove. 

Thursday, 19 November 2015

If you are looking for quality small dog daycare in the Kitchener Waterloo area, please call our friends at The Lavish Lair Small Breed Doggy Daycare.  You won't be disappointed.


Tuesday, 27 October 2015

Safe boarding for your older or special needs dog.

Lonsdale Grove is the ideal place for your older or special needs small dog or cat

 With good veterinary care, quality foods, and focus on our dogs and cats as full-fledged members of the household, our pets are living longer and healthier lives.  Smaller dogs live generally longer lives than large breeds.  In many cases, toy dogs and cats are living well into their early 20s.  But just like their human companions, senior dogs and cats have a host of issues that they potentially have to deal with, and require a variety of accommodations and adaptations to keep them happy and comfortable well into their retirement.  A recent extended stay of a lovely senior canine couple in one of our larger senior suites highlights how Lonsdale Grove is ideally suited to care for special-needs, and senior canine and feline guests. 

There are many common health issues that develop in geriatric dogs and cats, and they tend to be very similar to our own older age issues.  A partial list would include:


Vision loss

Hearing loss

Changes in body weight: Obesity or weight loss


Dental disease

Intestinal issues

Kidney and liver issues

Bladder incontinence

Cognitive dysfunction


We recommend making more frequent wellness visits to your veterinarian once your pet is over the age of 10.  In a generally healthy senior pet, that may be every 6 months.  It will certainly be more frequent for seniors with specific health issues. 

While we care for our senior pet as part of the family, business and other trips often preclude bringing our older family members along.  Additionally, some trips that were fun for the whole family when our pet was young are just no longer safe for our older or special needs animal.  Lonsdale Grove is here to provide the best care possible to your senior small dog or cat while you are away. 

Senior dogs and cats enjoy a quiet and relaxing environment, without the chaos of large kennel operations typified by noisy pens and many large dogs of varying temperaments.  Seniors, and all guests at Lonsdale Grove, enjoy quiet private suites with in suite tvs and soft music to create a relaxing, calm environment. 

Older guests are particularly susceptible to illness, and the sealed-drain, private suites, and hospital quality air cleaning at Lonsdale Grove prevent the spread of illnesses that may be rampant in facilities with chain link pens in barns with open troughs for waste.  Our suites are cleaned with Virox Accel® accelerated hydrogen peroxide cleaning products that are used in hospitals and veterinary clinics to sanitize and sterilize.  These products have the advantage that they kill bacteria and viruses rapidly, but break down quickly to oxygen and water, and thus do not leave dangerous residue or chemical films on our fully-tiled suites that could sicken our guests. 

Senior dogs and cats tend to have more difficulty regulating their body temperature, are more susceptible to temperature extremes, and may have respiratory issues making poor air quality or high temperatures dangerous.  Lonsdale Grove is equipped with the best in climate and air quality control systems.  We will describe in a later post the details of our stellar air quality system, but for now we will point out that it filters and UV treats the air to ensure that pathogens and allergens are removed for the protection of your pet.  We feature heated floors and central air conditioning to always keep your pet comfortable and happy.  Our senior guests enjoy lounging on our heated floors in the cooler months and relaxing on them in air conditioned comfort in the summer.  We feature high quality low raised beds that are easy to step onto for arthritic dogs, and comfortable blankets for those with arthritis or other joint issues, and all guests to enjoy. 

We can have a private exercise time in our fully-fenced and grassed play yard for our older canine guests, to avoid the upset of playful young ones, which is a particular concern for our older guests who may be losing vision and hearing and find it startling for other dogs to sneak up on them.  Exercise time can be shorter and less stressful for senior dogs who may be less active due to osteoarthritis or other issues. 

Older cats and dogs often require special diets, supplements and/or medications to keep them healthy.  We provide high-quality grain-free dog foods, but we highly suggest that you use a senior dog food specific to your pet’s needs.  Your veterinarian can recommend a food for your animal, and we encourage you to bring their usual diet when staying at Lonsdale Grove to minimize upset stomachs, which can happen easily with older pets.  Your vet may also recommend supplements such as glucosamine and chondroitin, fatty acids such as DHA and EPA, or vitamins such as C and E.  Be sure to consult your veterinarian before adding any supplement to your pet’s diet.  We will follow your regular feeding schedule and supplement and medication administration schedule for each animal that stays with us.  Please provide all supplements with clear instructions and each medication with complete veterinary dosage and administration instructions.  Older adults tend to do better when fed twice per day or are left with free food, rather than a once-per-day feeding schedule.  Our small facility allows us to provide individual attention to each animal and provide care specific to their needs and as close to their usual routine as possible.  This will help you avoid the stress of worrying about whether they are getting their medications on time and at the correct dose while you are away. 

The ASPCA has some helpful suggestions for caring for your older pet.  We at Lonsdale Grove are happy to provide a tour and discuss with you how we can make your senior pet’s stay a happy, safe and healthy vacation.  Visit our website and Facebook page for more information, or give us a call at (519) 648-3311.

Thursday, 22 October 2015

Planning a flight?  Book a stay for your cat or dog at Lonsdale Grove!

Are you planning a flight for a business trip or vacation?  Your feline family member or canine companion under 30 lbs deserves a pampered vacation too!  Fortunately if you are flying from the Region of Waterloo International Airport (YKF; www.waterlooairport.ca), Lonsdale Grove is only a couple of minutes away from the airport terminal building.  Drop your furry friend for a safe and fun stay in a facility dedicated to your small pet and enjoy your trip without the added stress of worrying whether your pet will be safe and happy while you are away.  Departures and arrivals are simple and stress-free in the smaller facilities of the local Waterloo Region airport.  And due to our proximity to the airport, upon your return you can be quickly reunited with your pet, without the hassle of a special trip to pick them up.  We are open for drop-off before each flight and pick-up after your flight lands so no need to pay for an extra day and make a special trip ahead of your travel. 

Private Dog Suite
  • Private room with tiled and decorated walls.
  • Heated porcelain floors.
  • Large dog-eye level window for natural sunlight.
  • Private outside patio for fresh air and leisure.
  • Air conditioning climate control.
  • In suite LED Television.
  • In suite music.
  • Fresh air and heat exchange filtration.
  • Raised bed.
  • Quality blankets and pillows.
  • Stainless steel clean dishes.
  • and more…

The regional airport offers flights from 3 major airlines with connections across North America. 

American Airlines provides non-stop daily jet service between Waterloo Region and Chicago O'Hare International Airport with connections to over 250 cities in over 40 countries worldwide.

WestJet provides non-stop daily service between Waterloo Region and Calgary, with connections to Vancouver, Victoria, Abbotsford, Kelowna, Edmonton, Regina and Saskatoon. 

For those seeking the warmth of southern destinations in the winter months:
Non-stop weekly service between Waterloo Region and Orlando is available from WestJet on Thursdays beginning December 10, 2015.

Also Sunwing Airlines is offering weekly direct flights between Waterloo Region and Cayo Santa Maria (Santa Clara), Cuba beginning on December 24, 2015 and running through March of 2016.  Sunwing Vacations offers a variety of packages at 9 resorts in the beautiful Santa Clara region of Cuba with ratings from 4 to 5 stars. 

Not flying from the local airport?  No problem.  Lonsdale Grove is local and central to the Guelph/Cambridge/Kitchener-Waterloo/Breslau area and is conveniently located close to major roads and Hwy 401.  We are only about an hour from the John C. Munro Hamilton International Airport (http://flyhamilton.ca/), and Pearson International Airport (Toronto; http://torontopearson.com/ ), so you can drop your special friend on your way out of the region and pick them up on your way back home guilt-free, and rest assured that they had a safe, relaxing and fun-filled vacation too! 

Monday, 19 October 2015

Hallowe'en Safety for your Pet

Hallowe’en Safety for your Pet


Hallowe’en can be a fun and happy time for kids and pets alike.  Here at Lonsdale Grove we wanted to draw your attention to some Hallowe’en safety tips to keep your furry family members safe and happy, and avoid a scare during the spookiest night of the year!

Hallowe’en costumes:

Kids costumes can have strings and plastic parts that curious dogs and cats will chew or swallow.  Kids will be happier without a chewed costume, and pets will be safer if costumes are kept out of their reach.  There are many cute Hallowe’en costumes for pets.  Be sure if you are going to dress up your furry friend that your pet likes to wear clothing.  Some pets love coats, hats and boots of various sorts, while others can’t stand to wear anything other than their natural coat.  Dressing up a dog or cat that doesn’t enjoy it can cause a great deal of stress, or a struggle and fight to get out of it. 

If your furry one does enjoy dress-up, be sure to choose a quality costume that is designed as pet safe.  Avoid costumes with parts that can easily be chewed off, and those that are too constricting or can be caught on trees, fences, etc.  Never dress a dog or cat in a costume that is tight around the neck, head, or body, or prevents easy breathing, or full sight lines.  A dog or cat that can’t see properly can easily be injured by trips, falls and cars.  And never leave a costume on a pet unattended. 

Treats: no Tricks:

Hallowe’en candy and treats can be fun for children and adults alike, but that tricky treat can become a danger if left in the reach of furry paws.  Cats, and dogs especially, love to eat anything that they can get their mouth around.  And just like people, most pets love the taste of sweets and will overindulge if given the chance.  Many treats or their packaging can quickly become choking hazards to cats and dogs.  Dogs especially should never eat chocolate.  Dark chocolate in particular can be quite toxic to our kids of canine variety.  Xylitol is a common artificial sweetener in candies that can be harmful to pets, too.  So keep that bowl of treats for the trick or treaters at your door well away from the tricky treaters on your floor.  Instead, stock up on some healthy pet treats, or try your hand at baking your own in Hallowe’en shapes!  Remember, only a few treats at a time for any of your little goblins, furry or otherwise, to avoid upset tummies. 

Devilish Decoration dangers:

Jack-o’-lanterns are a fun and festive way to celebrate All Hallows Eve, but burning candles can be a danger to our pets.  They pose the risk of burnt paws or mouths, and if knocked over can quickly cause a fire.  LED lights are a safer choice for everyone.  Pets have been known to gnaw on Jack-o’-lanterns, or eat the pumpkin guts you remove before carving.  Fortunately pumpkin is not harmful to dogs or cats, and a little cooked pumpkin puree and rice can be used to help calm an upset tummy.  However excessive amounts of pumpkin or pumpkin innards can do the opposite and give a bit of an upset stomach so it is best to keep your pumpkin out of reach of your pet.  Other decorations such as fake spider webs and rubber spiders, bats and ghosts can be chewed and eaten.  More dangerous are the electrical cords attached to animated decorations and Hallowe’en lights.  Be sure to keep cords out of reach.  And even for cords out of easy reach, we recommend wiping them with non-toxic dish soap or a bitter no chew product designed for cats and dogs, to further lower the risk of cuts, burns and electrocutions. 

Black cats and werewolves belong indoors:


The days before, and especially Hallowe’en night itself results in a lot more activity in neighbourhoods, including car traffic.  For your pet’s safety keep even cats comfortable with being outdoors safely inside.  There can be increased animal cruelty incidents, especially towards black cats around Hallowe’en.  Some shelters won’t adopt black cats around this time of year for their safety.  It is safest for everyone to keep your pets inside.  If you are taking your dressed up doggy ghoul out with your trick or treating, be sure to have a quality leash and keep them close and highly visible.  An LED light on the collar is a great idea.  Never take a dog out that is easily frightened.  There are many strange people, dressed in frightening ways, and many unusual sights and sounds on Hallowe’en night to upset a nervous dog. 

Ghouls at the door can be frightening indeed:

Door bells and visitors at the door can be very stressful to family pets.  Especially strangers, dressed in unusual or frightening costumes and making scary sounds can be frightening to animals.  It can be a highly stressful experience for all household pets.  Also some pets will take the opportunity of frequently opening doors to make an escape.  Keep household pets safely in a quiet and comfortable part of the house with no access to front door when trick or treaters are visiting.  A great idea is to stay outside the door if the weather is warm, or stay by the door, at the ready to greet trick or treaters as they walk up.  This will avoid repeated door bell rings and knocks on the door that can be quite upsetting to your furry ones. 

The ASPCA has more Hallowe’en tips for your pets here: http://www.aspca.org/pet-care/halloween-safety-tips.  With a little planning the whole family can have a happy and SAFE Hallowe’en. 

Thursday, 15 October 2015

What to bring

Lonsdale Grove is a fully equipped luxury boutique boarding and grooming facility for dogs 30 lbs and under, and all cats.  We have everything needed to make our guests comfortable and happy during their stay! 

Guests can dine on our a la carte premium quality kibble—we use brands such as Blue Buffalo, Fromm and Acana, and selection varies from time to time—or bring their usual food in a non-breakable container to minimize stomach upset.  We also provide premium quality treats, and/or homemade dog and cat treats for our guests.  You are welcome to bring treats as well if you prefer that the guest have a particular kind. 

We recommend bringing a favourite furry or hard plastic toy and a favourite machine washable blanket with the familiar smells of home to help each guest feel comfortable and relax during their stay.  Guests can bring along a favourite DVD for movie time if desired.  We recommend bringing cats in a hard-walled cat carrier, and this is the best way to transport small dogs as well.  We suggest bringing your pet’s usual collar or harness, and leash.  Each suite is equipped with a storage cupboard for our guest’s small personal effects such as leashes, extra toys, food and treats. 

Please bring along up-to-date vaccination records and contact information for your regular veterinarian, or this information can be scanned and e-mailed to us in advance at info@lonsdalegrove.com to speed check-in.  If you do not have the documentation, a duplicate copy can be obtained from your veterinarian or sent to us at the above e-mail address directly from their office. 

Also provide a sufficient quantity of any medications the guest requires for the duration of the stay and the veterinarian’s dosing and administration instructions.  Medication will be stored in a secure location either refrigerated or at room temperature as required. 

What to leave at home

Please do not bring water or food bowls, or any item you do not wish to risk being chewed or damaged during the stay.  Animal bones, raw hide or any item that can be a choking hazard will not be provided to our guests for safety reasons.

Our guests enjoy indoor private suite time with raised beds, heated tile floors and air conditioning as needed, and dogs enjoy outdoor private patio time for leisure and sun.  Each guest receives personal one-on-one attention and affection, group play (for dogs, if desired) in our exercise yard, movie time with their own personal in suite television (shared tv for cat condos), and comforting soft music throughout the daytime hours.  Individual walks on our lovely grounds can be arranged. 

We are certain our guests will enjoy their stay, and you can enjoy your time away knowing that they are safe and secure, and having fun! 

Online booking available at www.lonsdalegrove.com, or 519- 648-3311.  Check out more photos and customer reviews on our Facebook page. 

See you soon in the Grove!



Wednesday, 14 October 2015

Welcome to Lonsdale Grove! Pet Hotel and Grooming Salon

Welcome to Lonsdale Grove!

Lonsdale Grove is a unique, boutique-style luxury grooming and boarding experience nestled in a Grove of trees near Breslau Ontario.  Lonsdale Grove is adjacent to the Waterloo International Airport and minutes from Guelph, Cambridge, Kitchener-Waterloo and surrounding areas, and about 1 hour from the GTA.  We welcome all dogs and cats as grooming clients and our expert groomers can provide a quick bath and nail trim in our well-equipped salon, a full range of spa services, or a full CKC breed standard show groom (select breeds, call or e-mail for pricing and details).  We also welcome cats and all dogs 30 lbs and under as boarding guests.  Cats stay in our private and quiet luxury cat condos, well away from our guests of the canine variety, while dogs stay in private luxury suites.  All guests enjoy heated tiled floors, air conditioning, raised beds and blankets, private drains in tiled suites with private in suite tvs (shared tv for cat condos), eye level windows, and much more.  Our junior dog suites for 1-2 from the same family provide over 75 square feet of space with a private outdoor patio for sun, fresh air and leisure, while our senior suites are ideal for our guests who enjoy more room, or for up to 3 members from the same family, with over 100 square feet of space. 

We uniquely cater to the luxury, small guest market, and everything is geared to providing your cat or dog under 30 lbs with the safest, most enjoyable visit possible.  While other facilities may permit small dogs and cats, we excel at providing individualized care for the smaller guest with unsurpassed facilities and attention to detail, and personal one-on-one care for each guest.  We are a small facility where each guest is known by name, individualized care is the focus, and no one gets lost in the crowd. 

The purpose of our new blog is to let you know about the features of Lonsdale Grove, keep you up-to-date on news and special events, and to provide you with useful information for anyone with a small dog or a cat in the family.  Future blog posts will include a discussion of health and safety when boarding a pet, what to look for (and avoid) in a boarding facility, tips for keeping the coat healthy, how to take your dog’s temperature, what to do if your dog swallows something she shouldn’t, healthy treat recipes, toxic plants to avoid in the house, and much more!

We hope you enjoy this blog and feel free to give us suggestions for future blog posts by contacting us at info@lonsdalegrove.com or 519-648-3311.  In the mean time, we encourage you to visit our website, www.lonsdalegrove.com, join our Facebook page to see more pictures and updates, or contact us!